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The Issues:

The Web design arena is changing by the minute. Methodology, technology and psychology are just a few of the considerations. What’s right? What’s wrong? Who’s right? What do I do now? These are just a few of the questions that current and potential website owners ask themselves.

A dizzying array of hosting solutions and a multitude of alternatives for website development tools exist in the market today. It can take weeks to analyze alternatives and make a decision on the ultimate approach. Someone attempting to do this with no background in computers or computer systems would have a difficult and frustrating time making it all happen, if only because of the myriad of choices.

But let’s face it, many high school and probably some elementary school students have developed websites. So what’s the big deal? That’s what these articles will deal with. Hopefully, this common sense approach will help some to make better decisions regarding their Internet presence.

We will look at issues from the customer’s point of view, the designer’s point of view and the developer’s point of view, and many times all three will disagree for good reasons. The one absolute is that the winner needs to be the customer every time.

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Last, but not Least

Web Design in a Global Marketplace

December 11, 2009

While the Web was conceived in the USA it has spread around the globe and new areas of development are springing up on the other side of the world. Who will be responsible for development in the future?   ...more 


What is Good Customer Service in Web Design and Development?

October 19, 2009

What is good customer service in Web Design and what can we learn from other industries?   ...more 

Web Design Direction vs. Open-ended Chaos

July 17, 2009

What does it take to get the most out of the creative forces available on a Web design project?   ...more 

Web Design Return on Investment - What Is Your Web Site Doing for You? 

April 8, 2009

We need to do this and we need to do that, and after the day is done we need to do more to compete against those who are doing more.  Isn’t this all backwards?  I thought that a Web site was supposed to do things for me.  Get me customers. Get me sales. Get me recognized.  When am I going to get my return on investment in both time and money?   ...more

Some of the Best

What is a Web Designer? - Educational Requirements

March 28, 2008

Often the word designer implies the task of creating or being creative.  Design evokes images of innovative, artistic presentations or exotic, architectural concepts.  Talented designers make our world a more pleasant place to live. Today though, it seems anyone can become a Web designer. Your background isn’t really important.  So, after reading a few books or articles on programming and software design tools, just about anyone can do this. Right?  ...more

The Cost of a Poorly Designed Website

December 1, 2007

Today, a suitable business website is a validation of professionalism — an electronic business card, so to speak.  A proper website adds a level of trust in the business that wouldn’t exist otherwise.  Done well, the website notifies its customers that the business is authentic.  Done poorly, the site can leave customers wondering whether the products and services will be just as bad.   ...more


Effective Web Design  -  Web Design Dos

Many authors attempt to list Web design dos and don’t.  We will consider those Web dos that are not always obvious, sometimes controversial and oftentimes not followed by even good sites.   

It is appropriate to say that effective web design is not a matter of following dos and don’ts.  It is a matter of success.  If a site is successful and breaks all the rules, then it is still effective.  There are many ineffective sites that follow conventions to the letter.   Therefore, effectiveness is a measure of success, not an opinion.

Ineffective Web Design - Web Design Don’ts

We often read about the things to do to ensure that a web site is effective in providing the message it intends to convey, but we don’t often think of those aspects of Web design that were once accepted that no longer serve our purposes well.  

It does not pay for us to go over every thing that we can think of that can be done wrong, since there are thousands of these items, but we could spend some useful time in talking about things that are commonly done that can adversely affect the ability of the site to get our message across.