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So You Want to Build Your Own Website - Part 2. What is the Cost of a No Cost Website?
by William Szczepanek

Article 3: November 1, 2007

Low or no cost websites are advertised everywhere.  They can get someone started on the Web for very little effort and no money. But, are they worth it?

Positive reasons for using no cost websites:

Reasons for not using no cost websites:

When working with a company that provides low or no cost sites, you can still build your website from the ground up, choosing from many colors and backgrounds, however you will likely be limited to a certain number of pages and a certain number of images and changing your site can become cumbersome.

So will you be learning how to build websites?  Not really. It’s more like using a word processor and filling in some forms using templates.

How Much Control Do You Want? 

Will you have control?  Yes, to a certain extent.  If you don’t mind your site containing advertising that you have no control over, this solution can work. You will need to trust that the advertising will be compatible with your site content.   If you don’t mind having a domain name that begins with the name of the company sponsoring you, then this can be a nice solution. You do have the ability to update your site, though it may take some effort to make it grow.  If having others find you quickly and easily though search engines like Google is important, then you may be disappointed.

Okay, I didn’t convince you.  You still want to go with the no cost Web site.  What are the steps if you want to use these websites and their control panels or their template method?

Write some text. Find a host that provides templates. Learn to use the templates. Choose from hundreds or even thousands of templates. Transfer your information using the template. Publish your site.

As standards (W3C.com) for Web design change so will the ability of the low or no cost website to ensure that your site will continue to work.  Will your site work on new mobile devices.  At some point your site may stop functioning properly and your only alternative will be to rebuild it.

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