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Children's Stories

Ahmad and His Magic Carpet

by William Szczepanek

Chapter One: The Local Race

Chapter Two: The Discovery

Chapter Three: The Transformation

   Ahmad's mother carefully washed the carpet in the stream.  Very few people washed in the evening, so she felt that no one would see her with the carpet.  She carried it back home and hung it in the back of the house where it would be safe. The family had a late dinner and Ahmad went to sleep dreaming of the carpet and flying over mountains.

   The next day Ahmad awoke to the light of the morning sun.  His parents were already up. 
 “How does the carpet look?” Ahmad asked.
 “Take a look. It’s out the back door on the fence,” his mother said proudly.
  Ahmad walked out the back door.  His parents followed.  He saw the carpet draped over the wooden fence, the sun’s light bouncing off of the golden fibers.  The purple hues stood out against the black background, but the golden fibers were just unbelievable.  It was as if the carpet glowed.

   “Wow.  It’s beautiful!” said Ahmad, admiring it up close, “Can I take it for a ride?”
  “That’s what it’s for,” his mother confirmed.

   Ahmad commanded the carpet to rise.  The carpet slid off the fence and hovered a couple of feet off the ground next to him.  He jumped onto it.  The carpet didn’t give an inch and continued to hover.  He flew to the front of the house and then glided over the dune where the carpet was found.  He carefully, but steadily, took the carpet through sharp turns in either direction.  He stood confidently with his hands on his hips as the carpet majestically soared higher and higher into the sky.  He soared to more than a hundred feet off the ground.  His mother held her breadth and his father smiled as they watched him maneuver about the sky.  Ahmad dove back toward his parents and stopped in front of them.
  “It’s fantastic!!!” he crowed, as he jumped off and commanded the carpet to come to his arms so it wouldn’t get dirty on the ground.
  “Can I race it?  I know I can win.”
  “Well, the big race is next week in the city and there will be more than 100 racers from all over the countryside,” said his father.  “We can make the journey, and while we’re there I am going to see what I can find out about this carpet.”
  Ahmad could barely sleep for the entire week, thinking about the upcoming race and dreaming of winning the grand prize. The next few days were spent in training with the carpet to determine its strengths and to understand his capabilities. The work was at times frustrating. When Ahmad would get tired and not try hard enough the carpet would not perform. When Ahmad pushed too hard without knowing what he was doing he would crash. His time with his new possession was both exhilarating and frightening.

Chapter Four: The Race




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