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Children's Stories

Jackie and the T-shirt That Changed Colors

by William Szczepanek

Jackie and the washing machine   Jackie and her mother were doing the wash together.  Jackie’s mom explained to her the importance of sorting clothes by color so that the colors wouldn’t run from one piece of clothing to another.  Jackie remembers one time when her mom accidentally washed her white socks with a yellow shirt and her socks turned yellow.  That was not a problem since Jackie liked her new yellow socks.

  With that in mind Jackie snuck her white t-shirt into the wash with the dark yellow towels.  To her delight when the wash finished she pulled out a nice yellow t-shirt.   Her mom saw the shirt and said,
  “Jackie, you need to be more careful.  You put your new white t-shirt in with the yellow towels.  We’ll have to put your t-shirt in with the bleached whites to see if we can get the yellow color out.”
  Jackie smiled and agreed.

    The next load was the blue jeans and she wondered to herself, what would happen if I put the yellow t-shirt in with the blue jeans. Maybe I’ll get a blue t-shirt.    
  When the jeans were loaded she threw her yellow t-shirt into the washer.  When she took the load out, she looked all over for her new blue t-shirt, but it couldn’t be found.  She looked again more carefully and to her surprise she found that her t-shirt had turned green.
  Yuck.  I don’t like green.  This will never do.  I would rather have a red t-shirt, so I’ll put in with the red shirts.

  So, into the washer went her green t-shirt with the dark red shirts. Jackie waited impatiently for the wash to finish.  She pulled out her t-shirt, only to find that it had turned icky gray.
  “Jackie, what happened to that t-shirt?’ her mom asked
  Jackie shrugged her shoulders.  She wasn’t sure what had happened, but her plan wasn’t working and from that day she did not like gray.  Her mom took the t-shirt and put it in the wash by itself and added bleach.  When the washing machine had finished her mother took out the shirt.
  “That’s much better,” her mother smiled.

  Jackie smiled and put the t-shirt in her closet.  She looked at the t-shirt again and said in a whisper, “White is boring.”  She couldn’t wait until the next wash day so she could try another color.




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